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The giver of all

door | dec 22, 2019

It translates beautifully to your mind and heart.

It will become one of the most read and rewarding stories for humankind.  

It’s the most precious and deliberate way to succeed in life

and feel at the same time  

the reunion with creator and life itself.


For you to understand the significance we have to go back to the moment

where the Christ consciousness is initiated and planted in this world of creation.

In that moment where the Divine father himself has opened his heart

and creator being

towards the awakening of mankind,

it’s that moment that he himself came down to live among

those who have not understood or could not accept his creations.


We can all conclude that this is the most giving and fortunate act of love.

To come regardless of the nature of situation

to those who refuse to see, listen or accept you

and to realize in between those moments the truth of creation

while being in a human form.

Are you willing to do the same?

If so, we are in good company,

we are one consciousness.

Stepping in the footsteps

of he who has been

and who will always be,

is the most deliberate path of creation.

We welcome you,

son of the one,

who has been here before.

Chosen to become and be that ever was,

now here in the human form.

Each breath of your being will be worthy…

Each step is blessed beyond words. 

You will remember the moment

that you have chosen to be here

more closely than you have ever done.

It’s going to be your mantra for life.

To see that, what is,

what always will be

and will become here now in the human form.

You will utilize a new formula that hasn’t been here before.

Forgiveness is the key to everything.

Blessing life in this new formula captures all the truth of creation.

No matter where you are, no matter with whom you will be, it will succeed.


You like yourself to embrace it.

Like a deep treasure given to you by the one, by your Divine father.

Yes, indeed you are fortunate to step in his footsteps

along with many others

and experience his being,

his presence here now in the flesh through you,

you as him,

as one. 

If we want to bring it out to the world. We better be ready.

Ready to withstand the distractions

and to focus on what needs to be said

and needs to be done.

Practice your thoughts and mindset

and embrace that part of your being that is the giver of all.

It’s you wanting to be out there on that note.

It will bring you the fortune, strength and love that is needed

to keep you on track of your life.

Withstand the distractions

and refocus on what is needed my friend.

Personal note

This text came through me in four different parts during several days. It gave me clarity, massive support and guidance. This created in me the basis of all my new creations which I enjoy today. The cool thing is, that it’s multi-layered and opens up to new insights and new integrations of awareness every time I read it. Please feel to share the impact it has for you to

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