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Step 5 is about your desires. If your True Self inspired desire is stronger than your limiting believes you will be free. That’s how you will open up to your original life force and bypass any limitation that you encounter in your life today. In this class, you will calibrate to your desire and access your true power to love life.


With this exercise you recalibrate from current issues in your life which are bothering you today to your source aligned heart and mind-set. Let’s reclaim your true power to feel good. You will need a pen and a notebook. 

Bonus meditation

In this meditation, you train yourself to quiet your mind and to tune yourself to your True Self-awareness. For you to calibrate your awareness to receive pure positive thoughts. New elevating, non-resisting thoughts, feelings and inspirations. You train yourself to set your mind and heart to the Source frequency and expect good things to flow into your life.

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Access your infinite nature.
Reclaim your life.
Enjoy the lightness of your heart.
And always…
Always, keep your dreams alive