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Sometimes I write effortlessly, without any thoughts. This is a part of such a text, which was very helpful for myself as empowerment and guidance. I hope it will help you too:

Do not be distracted by life circumstances.

You are a creator.

Do not get confused or overwhelmed, questioning your own power and abilities to improve life.

You are not here only to respond to circumstances or to lash out to others.

You are part of a whole.

You are here to remember your wholeness in the midst of diversity.

Do not let yourself down.

Do not wait for anyone to rescue you.

You got this.

You have the power to reverse your experience.

You can broaden your awareness and acknowledge the Truth.

Your capability to see and feel the wholeness is ingrained in your heart.

Let’s find the courage that’s innate to the wholeness that is you, by opening our hearts, wider than ever before.

Our wholeness is way bigger than the hurt that has ever been encountered.

Let’s reveal ourselves, let’s be brave, let’s remember our greatness and nobility.

There is no reason to shut down, no reason to deprive ourselves from the fullness that we are, no one, nothing, no pain that we have ever endured in the past is worth that.

We got this.

We can reverse the human experience beyond any conditioning and remember.

We are part of the whole.

We are wholeness in action.



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We are Pure Empowerment
We are wholeness in action
We got this